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Trust Ownership

Thank you for using our website for the transfer of your unit into a trust about which you have inquired. Preliminarily, if you wish to transfer your unit into a trust and the trust is an existing irrevocable trust, it is unlikely that you will be able to transfer into that trust.  Please consult your attorney to determine whether your trust can be changed if necessary prior to beginning this process.  If you cannot make changes you may be able to establish a new trust but again, please consult your attorney to determine whether to proceed. 

If you wish to proceed, using the website will facilitate and expedite the approval of your transfer to a trust. Finger & Finger, A Professional Corporation, is general counsel and transfer agent to the Cooperative about which you have inquired. At the end of this email you will be asked to click on a button which will direct you to another page to complete an online form to commence the trust transfer process. Following these instructions and completing the online form will expedite the trust transfer process. Please follow the instructions herein carefully and exactly to avoid any problems or delay.

Prior to Closing

The following must be provided prior to approval of a transfer to a trust and scheduling of a closing:
1. The Trust Agreement (including any schedules, riders or amendments thereto);
2. All documents related to the Trust Agreement that the Attorney deems relevant;
3. A copy of the Stock Certificate for the Unit;
4. A copy of the Proprietary Lease face page, signature pages, notary pages and all assignments/assumptions and consents;
5. A list of all trust assets;
6. Agreement and Acknowledgement of your client(s) that they are responsible for all normal transfer agent and cooperative fees and requirements upon approval of the Trust by the Cooperative (you may obtain same by completing the online form following this page).
7. Check payable to Finger & Finger, A Professional Corporation for the trust review fee (you may obtain the fee information by completing the online form following this page).
8. Check payable to Finger & Finger, A Professional Corporation for the transfer agent fees.

Scheduling Closing
Upon receipt of ALL documents set forth above from the Grantor, and upon approval by our office and the Cooperative, the closing may be scheduled generally in the afternoon, at the office of Finger & Finger, A Professional Corporation, 158 Grand Street, White Plains, New York 10601.

Please email two (2) alternate afternoon closing dates and times which have been agreed upon by all parties and are at least five (5) business days following the said email. We will respond within twenty-four hours confirming which date is available. Unless and until we confirm the date and time of closing no closing will be scheduled. Once confirmed that closing date and time are firm. In the event of a postponement of closing, the above procedure must be repeated with the same amount of time given.

Payoff Lender, if any: The Grantor is responsible to coordinate with any payoff lender for bringing the original stock and lease and appurtenant documents to the closing.

New York State Transfer Tax (TP-584): The Grantor is responsible for preparing the New York State Transfer Tax (TP-584) form and paying the transfer tax, if any

Documents: All parties will be required to sign certain required documents including an assignment, assumption, and acceptance relative to the lease, stock power, and cooperative transfer agreement.

All parties must bring driver’s licenses or other legal identification to the closing.

To start the process and obtain a list of closing costs, please click on the button below and complete the online transfer form. We will email you a link and code for another page on this website which will allow you to obtain a list of the associated trust transfer and closing costs.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to working with you to successfully conclude this trust transfer.