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Sublet Application

Thank you for using our website to commence the application process for your cooperative subtenant rental. Using the website will facilitate and expedite the application process. Finger & Finger, A Professional Corporation, is general counsel and transfer agent to the Cooperative about which you have inquired and is responsible for processing applications. At the end of this email you will be asked to click on a button which will direct you to another page to complete an online form to commence the application process. Following these instructions and completing the online form will expedite the closing process. Please follow the instructions herein carefully and exactly to avoid any problems or delay.

Please note that your application must be 100% complete for it to be accepted and reviewed by the Board. All questions in the application must be answered either with the requested information or “not applicable” if question does not apply. No interview will be scheduled until a complete application including any necessary supporting documentation has been submitted with all of the above fees. Please also make sure to submit the required number of copies and supporting documentation with the application.

Please note that we are required to return incomplete applications to you and that will delay the process and cause additional fees to be incurred as we are required to charge a reprocessing fee. Therefore please make sure that the application is 100% when submitted and note that you are certifying same when you initial and sign the cover page as required.

The Board will contact you to schedule an interview when it has the opportunity to review the completed application. When the interview is scheduled all prospective subtenants AND all prospective residents of the apartment must attend the interview.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with the application requirements so that your application will be processed as expeditiously as possible.