New York Landlord Alert

We currently write a column in the Building and Realty Institute of Westchester & The Mid-Hudson Region's bi-monthly Newspaper, IMPACT.

Below are copies of the newspaper, provided with permission by the Building and Realty Institute.

Dec 2012 - Appellate Court Reviews Co-op Board's Discretion
In Conditioning Review of Application to Purchase

Sept/Oct 2012 - Court Upholds Discrimination Claims Against Co-ops

June/July - 2012 - Courts Continue to Uphold Business Judgment Rule
On Subletting Routines and On Additional Key Issues

March/April - 2012 - The ETPA Deemed Renewal- Darned If Landlord Deems, Darned If
Landlord Does Not!

December 2011- Revisiting Price as a Consideration in Co-op Applications

October 2011 - Reviewing Collections for Co-ops & Condos

January 2011 - Addressing the Issue of Evictions in Difficult Economic Times

January 2010 - Kent Manor – An Analysis of the “Vested Rights Issue”

October 2009 - Reasonable Modifications Under the Fair Housing Act

July/August 2009 - Court Approves Cooperative Alteration Agreement Requiring Shareholder to Pay Cooperative Costs

April/May 2009 - Court Denies Parking Space to Shareholder, Claiming Need as an Accommodation Under the Fair Housing Act

October/Novemeber 2008 - Recent Contract Cases Uphold the Caveat Emptor Rule in New York State – Let the Buyer Beware!

September 2008 - Ruling States That a Landlord Is Not Required to Mitigate Damages For Residential Lease Breaches

March/April 2008 - Reviewing Access to a Co-op’s Or Condo’s Books and Records

November 2007 - Appellate Court Permits Money Judgment in Summary Proceeding Without “Personal” Service Process on Tenant

July/August 2007 - Condominium and Cooperative Opinions Regarding a Unit Owner’s Right to Examine Books and Records

May/June 2007 - Reviewing the Ramifications of "Succession Rights" to Owners

April 2007 - Reviewing the Ramifications of “Succession Rights” to Local Owners

February/March 2007 - Immediate Action Is a Must When Addressing Issues Related to Mold

December 2006/January 2007 - Arbitration and How to Deal With Union/Employee Issues

November 2006 - What a Co-op, Condo or Landlord Can Do About Smokers

October 2006 - Terminating An Employee—Reviewing The Steps

March/April 2006 - Unsold Shares – The Law Reversed…and New Problems

January/February 2006 - Landlords Beware….Or Another Lease Renewal Problem

November/December 2005 - Section 8 Revisited Once Again and Again

October 2005 - Court Permits Discrimination Claim Against Co-op to Proceed

July/August 2005 - On the Residential Hybrid Known as the "Cond-Op"

June 2005 - Supreme Court Upholds a City's Right To Take Property Through Eminent Domain

April/May 2005 - When Is 10 Days Not 10 Days?

March 2005 - The Landlord's Quandary Upon Tenants' Failures To Renew Leases

January/February 2005 - Let The Board Make The Decision - More Pullman

December 2004 - A Complain Has Been Filed Charging You With Discrimination...

September/October 2004 - Pullman Revisited - Examining an Important Realty Ruling

January/February 2004 - Pullman and the Business Judgement Rule: Don't Forget to Go to Court

October/November 2003 - A Landlord's Answer to Repeated Non-Payment by a Tenant

May/June 2003 - Price as a Consideration in Cooperative Applications

November 2001 - Shareholder Tenants and Holders of Unsold Shares - The Turning Tide